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Analytical Software

Analytical Software:

To download a demo of Lambda III for Windows, click here.
(900 kb .zip format full program, partial database - FREE)

Lambda III
Wavelength Tables

View an element by itself:

View the same element
with the interferences present:
A Windows program that graphically presents over 200,000 wavelength lines,
Wavelengths range from 4 nm to 1,000 nm.
All Elements are included in the database except for Fr, Fm, Lw, Md, No.
Lambda III runs under Windows 95, 98, & 2000.
Lambda III generally works well under Windows XP,7 & 8. It has a bug in one of the menu item for changing options which causes it to crash sometimes as soon as you click on it, but all of the options are available in other menu lines or in the command lines.

Lambda III Features the ability to easily select spectral lines by wavelength or element, to display any or all elements in ranges from the entire spectrum to a few nanometers. You can adjust the spectral line widths to match your spectrometer. Potential interferences are easy to identify. Relative intensities can be adjusted to see what effect high concentrations will have on the lines.
Lambda III allows you to add your own databases of wavelengths, and to overlay your spectrometer data with the theoretical data.

There is no better way to identify wavelengths and interferences. There is no better way to teach spectral analysis.

DescriptionCatalog #Price
Spectral Wavelength Tables for WindowsLambda III $ 100.00
Spectral Wavelength Tables for Android
(only MIT, NIST databases)

Results Editor for Spectral Analysis

With a results editor designed specifically for ICP & ICP/MS DATA

SPIF gives you full control of your calculations and reporting:
Normalize, drift correct, interference correct, with a single click of a mouse. Edit results, do ratios, interelement calculations. Round results to actual detection limits or to specified figures of accuracy. Merge files, split files. Calculate statistics. Plot samples.

SPIF is a column based spread sheet. There are no "cell" functions common in financial spread sheets. Instead, SPIF acts on entire columns or selected portions of columns at a time. SPIF uses commands and built in standard functions, and creates macros as you work with the data. SPIF can typically reduce hours of normal data handling to minutes. SPIF is designed to handle 2500 samples for up to 200 elements at a time.

SPIF handles Jarrell-Ash, JY, PE, GBC, ARL, and Trulogic data formats that were in use in 2010, and works with CClas LIMS System. SPIF may be modified (or perhaps not) to read and write to other LIMS Systems.

DescriptionCatalog #Price
Results EditorSPIF 98 $ 5,000.00